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Vectorworks Landmark 2017

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Vectorworks Landmark 2017 English
VectorWorks Landmark with Renderworks is the leading Landscape design software from Nemetshek. <

Landscape design software does not have to be too expensive or too difficult to use. A short learning curve, advanced 2D and 3D site design capabilities, automatic schedules and reports, a vast plant database, a suite of architectural building tools, free landscape and site object libraries, plus DXF/DWG and GIS compatibility will help you become more productive, more competitive and more profitable.
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VectorWorks Landmark makes it easy to create 3D terrain models and 2D contour maps of your site. Powerful site sculpting tools make drawing grading plans and performing cut and fill calculations easy. With just a few clicks, you can easily subdivide large parcels of land and then add improvements such as roads, paths, building pads and retaining walls. You can study a sites slope and site lines, as well as create site elevation and section profiles.

Quickly create plans
A suite of precision 2D drawing tools and landscaping, irrigation and site design objects makes it easy to quickly lay out plans, elevations and detail drawings. You can import or scan in base plans from architects or engineers. Or you can use the Property Line or Site Modelling tools in VectorWorks Landmark to quickly define a sites boundaries. A suite of architecture tools makes it easy to document existing buildings and add new architectural elements. Flexible 2D drafting tools allow you to easily lay out beds and planting areas. You can also use the exclusive Place Plant tool within VectorWorks Landmark to precisely place plants at exact spacing intervals or in groupings. A convenient Hardscape tool makes it easy to create patterned walkways and areas. A unique Freehand tool makes it easy to draw organic shapes for beds and water features. Plus, free landscape, site object and detail libraries mean everything you need to lay out your plans is just a mouse click a way.

Create high-end presentations
VectorWorks Landmark can help you sell the job. You can create high-quality renderings with dramatic lighting effects. Artistic rendering options allow you to choose from several soft, hand-sketched effects. You can also import digital photos and scanned images. You can map textures and add shadows, backgrounds and weather effects to give your presentations a photorealistic look with the advanced rendering plug-in RenderWorks.


Vectorworks Landmark

New Retaining Wall Site Modifier 
This new parametric object not only allows you the flexibility to sculpt the terrain around the wall, but also to easily produce materials take-offs.

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New Existing Tree Tool 
Document existing site trees for evaluation before construction work or landscaping, or use it for management and reporting purposes.

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New Grade Tool 
This innovative new tool creates a parametric grade object to annotate terrain slopes on site plan documents. Grade objects can be networked together to show slope characteristics across a surface.

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New Create Stepped Wall Command 
Here's a simpler method for creating a stepped wall that contains wall peaks at even intervals-one with a constant rise at each interval, or one with a variable rise conforming to the underlying terrain.

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Site Model Improvements 
Site models are more robust than ever with these enhanced options: easily map aerial images onto site models; use color to illustrate grade changes between contour lines; display cut and fill with a new display option. And more.

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New Apply Saved Hardscape Settings to Existing Hardscapes 
Once a hardscape is set to the desired appearance, save it as a resource. You can then drag the resource onto a different hardscape to automatically apply your saved settings in just seconds!

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