Whats New in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks Desktop has been superceded by QuickBooks Online.

Advantages of QBO

QuickBooks Online has some advantages over QuickBooks Desktop.
• No special hardware required. PC/MAC/Chromebook/iphone/android.
• Multi-user as standard (5 Users - QuickBooks Online Plus)
• No more configuring firewall, permissions, opening ports.
• Ransomware is a growing threat. QBO reduces your exposure.
• Mobility - work from anywhere on most devices with internet connection .
• No more sending files to your accountant. Give them a login.
• Integration with loads of apps on Intuit marketplace.
• There is a 13,500 list limit in QuickBooks Desktop.
This limit is made up of Customers + Suppliers + items + other lists.
When you hit that limit it can mean game over for your data file.
• Data corruption is no longer an issue.
No more FILE VERIFY - no more rebuilds or C errors.
• No need to save off-site backups
• File size is no longer an issue. Once your file gets over 200MB things slow down.
AxonWare can help tune your desktop .QBW file - but there are limitations.
Hit your F2 key to see QuickBooks desktop file details.
• QuickBooks Desktop code base is 25+ years old. QBO is rebuilt from the ground up.
• There are constant seemless updates on QBO.
No more version updates or patches.
• A simple subscription model that includes support.

As one QuickBooks advisor said "QBO Global Edition is the poor relation".
We suggest that QBO UK is a better fit for Irish users. Just ask for a Test Drive.

Disadvantages of QBO

• Intuit need allow users to shut off "tips & suggestions". We're trying do real work here!
• There's a bit of a learning curve. Not insurmountable - but it's there.
The main thing is to hit the '+' icon on the top right.
• Working from a browser can be a bit fiddly.
However there are a load of shortcuts.
ctrl+ alt(or option) and
i - Invoice
w - Cheque
e - Estimate
x - Expense
r - Receive Payment
c - Customers
v - Suppliers
a - Chart of Accounts
l - Lists
h - Help
f - Search Transactions
? or / - This dialog
x - Exit transaction view
c - Cancel out
s - Save and New
d - Save and Close
m - Save and Send
p - Print

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