Whats New with QuickBooks?

QuickBooks Desktop 2016 (Pertual) has been superceded by
QuickBooks Online and
QuickBooks Desktop 2018 (Subscription only).

What does this mean?

Yes you can still get QuickBooks Desktop 2018 from AxonWare - however only on a subscription.
We offer yearly subscriptions of QuickBooks Desktop Pro & QuickBooks Desktop Premier.
In the good old days you could buy a perpetual license - that's gone!
The new QuickBooks Desktop v2018 will run on Windows only (Win 7 or higher).
Note that you cannot mix and match different year versions of QuickBooks Desktop with each other.
There is no intgration with QuickBooks Online and Desktop - they are separate products!

Ready for the Cloud?

It can be a challenge to migrate older QuickBooks Desktop data files to Quickbooks Online.
Even if you are not ready to move to QuickBooks Online - you might consider moving to the more recent version of QuickBooks Desktop (subscription). While it is possible to export to Quickbooks Online - its success is dependent on a number of factors:
• how old is your data file (especially pre-2014)
• how many lists
• how many targets
• data corruption that you dont know about
• whether you used the FILE VAT mechanism
• legacy currency issues
• mis-posted year end adjustments
• mis-posted currency/FOREX revaluation journals
• custom VAT codes, vat items, vat groups
• unallocated payments
• incorrectly mapped ITEMS to COGSs accounts
Sometimes the transition is easy - sometimes it's more work. There can be issues to be tweaked.

Advantages of QBO

The product is getting better. It is an ever improving product. QuickBooks Online has some advantages over QuickBooks Desktop.
• No special hardware required. PC/MAC/Chromebook/iphone/android.
• Multi-user as standard (5 Users - QuickBooks Online Plus)
• No more configuring firewall, permissions, opening ports.
• Ransomware is a growing threat. QBO reduces your exposure.
• Mobility - work from anywhere on most devices with internet connection .
• No more sending files to your accountant. Give them a login.
• Integration with loads of apps on Intuit marketplace.
• There is a 13,500 list limit in QuickBooks Desktop.
This limit is made up of Customers + Suppliers + items + other lists.
When you hit that limit it can mean game over for your data file.
• Data corruption is no longer an issue.
No more FILE VERIFY - no more rebuilds or C errors.
• No need to save off-site backups
• File size is no longer an issue. Once your file gets over 200MB things slow down.
AxonWare can help tune your desktop .QBW file - but there are limitations.
Hit your F2 key to see QuickBooks desktop file details.
• QuickBooks Desktop code base is 25+ years old. QBO is rebuilt from the ground up.
• There are constant seemless updates on QBO.
No more version updates or patches.
• A simple subscription model that includes support.

As one QuickBooks advisor said "QBO Global Edition is the poor relation".
We suggest that QBO UK is a better fit for Irish users. Just ask for a Test Drive.

Disadvantages of QBO

• There's a bit of a learning curve. Not insurmountable - but it's there.
The main thing is to hit the '+' icon on the top right.
• Working from a browser can be a bit fiddly.
However there are a load of shortcuts and a desktop app you can download.
ctrl+ alt(or option) and
i - Invoice
w - Cheque
e - Estimate
x - Expense
r - Receive Payment
c - Customers
v - Suppliers
a - Chart of Accounts
l - Lists
h - Help
f - Search Transactions
? or / - This dialog
x - Exit transaction view
c - Cancel out
s - Save and New
d - Save and Close
m - Save and Send
p - Print

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